Gift Guide – 4 Gadgets for a Smart Home

07 September 2021 Amber Zia

Tons of gadgets exist for achieving a smart home – and they’re all addictive! Sometimes when you’re unsure what gift you should get someone, smart home gear is the go-to solution. Since gadgets are available for all needs, you can buy gifts for everyone. 

  1. TP-LINK Kasa Plug

What better way to introduce your guest to your connected home? These plugs are affordable but they are suitable for mobile phones and the famous voice assistant. Without doing anything else, you can transform your coffeemaker or a simple light into a smart device. 

  1. Ember

This is a smart coffee mug that utilizes an inner heater. This mechanism keeps the drink at an ideal temperature which is set by the user. You can change the temperature via the companion app. If you’re gifting this to someone who is a coffee aficionado, they’ll never forget this product. 

  1. Dewplanter

If you know someone who is a fan of plants but they are too lazy to water them, Dewplanter should be their gift. This smart product traps and filters water in the air. It acts as a dehumidifier. However, instead of throwing extra water in the bin, it waters the plant. Through a control panel, the owner can set the required water amount. After setting it, you can forget about watering. Your gifted friend will feel green without doing anything. In the Dewplanter, low-maintenance plants such as ferns or aloe vera work best. 

  1. Furbo

Many people just want to stay at home with their dogs. If you have someone like that in your life, give them Furbo which is a part treat dispenser and part web cam. It utilizes a smartphone app through which dog owners can observe and engage with their dogs. Treats can be tossed out whenever you want. Furbo comes with dog-friendly sounds and color signals. 

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