How to Start Your Link Building Journey

08 August 2021 Taushif Hayder
How to Start Your Link Building Journey

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building. But if you’re a beginner in this field you probably have no clue where to begin. It can be a terrifying aspect of SEO as you actually have to reach out to other businesses and websites to obtain these links. However, when you get really good at it and develop a strong base, businesses will be coming to you for links. Here’s the basics on how to get started on your link building journey.

Getting Your First Links

When you first start your link building campaign you want to reach out to your network. This includes any friends, family or business associates who either have websites or work with a business which has a website. If your company has something to offer them then they should be willing to offer you a link in exchange. Don’t be shy. Reach out to your network now!

Start a marketing campaign which can include a way for others to link to your website in exchange for something of value. For example, you can hold a competition for bloggers which requires them to mention your website on their blog in order to join the competition. 

Get yourself on podcasts. If you can get a spot in a podcast of someone with decent influence, their audience becomes yours and on top of that your page will almost definitely get a link on theirs.

Start a guest blogging campaign. Decide a keyword, find blogs who may be willing to accept a blog from you in exchange for a link, create a list of possible blogs to reach out to and start emailing like crazy. There are thousands of small-mid size businesses just waiting to be contacted by someone like you. 

Make sure to focus in your country first. So, if you’re from Denmark you would look for links in Denmark before moving to France or Egypt. 

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